Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's simply "Awe"some...

Photograph by Sarah Lamando

In my life, I've been told a time or two that I'm "good" with words, that I have an innate ability to express how I feel in a way that is totally relatable to others.

In most regards, particularly pertaining to life experiences I've had, I would say that I agree with that statement. In fact, I believe that there is only one experience that I often find myself unable to describe coherently. this post, I will do my very best, and hope that in some way it can be understood by anyone.

There is another aspect that has developed from my experience of being a "Lyme Patient" for so many years that I hadn't realized existed until recently - you may call an emotional side-effect if you'd like : )

Those of you who have read "My Story" and have noticed that I haven't been able to move past the year 2007, might understand that the "fight" I've gone through since that time has, in a way, hardened me, which, I believe, is something that is completely incomprehensible and shockingly debilitating to my normally overly trusting, idealist, and warm-hearted, piscean nature.

I don't want to believe or ever remember the experiences I've had just fighting these past five years. Fighting for my health, fighting for treatment, fighting to be heard and believed, and watching my heart slowly start to harden when I wasn't... hardening more when I lost friends, when desperate acts to help raise funds for treatment were ignored, when I watched my family be torn apart from lack of understanding. All of these experiences are literally "unbelievable" to me. So much so, that I almost don't want to tell the world that such things exist. I'm even ashamed that they do.

So...after having SO many years of these types of experiences, can you possibly understand how entirely "Awe"some it is to watch something unfold in such a beautiful a way that my old self would not only believe, but expect.

The "something" that I am referring to, is the response I've gotten from so many amazing people who are willing to help out with the upcoming campaign fundraiser for Inanna House. I simply am, almost mystified by this, and adamantly need to thank all of the people who are planning on contributing.

Thus far, here's what we got going for us:

  1. A $1,000 Gift Certificate to Crate and Barrel, graciously donated by the Turf family.
  2. A Gift Certificate for a free month of Bikram Yoga from Bikram Yorktown.
  3. A handmade artisan jewelry piece from Cheryl at Lavender Cottage Originals
  4. A Handmade artisan jewelry piece from Etc..Modern Vintage Jewelry donated by Liz Teich. (Follow her awesome fashion blog called "Dear Andi"!)
  5. Signed copies of books from celebrated authors Mara Williams and Katina Makris.
  6. Photographic Prints donated by Jeremiah Katches, an amazing artist and fellow Lyme sufferer.
  7. Handmade Spa Products including Dead Sea Salt Scrubs and 100% pure Dead Sea Mud.

I'm still waiting on a few more inquiries, but know more will come through. To everyone who has given me the opportunity to experience this nearly forgotten sense of grace...Thank You, I am completely:
The campaign will be launched on on July 15th, so there's still time to join in on all the great energy and these sincerely moving acts of patronage.

Lastly, I'm so proud to be a part in the creation of Inanna House, and in the last few weeks have been put in charge of sending out their monthly newsletter (Yay!). 

Please check out our upcoming event to see how you can get involved: or contact me at SarahLamando@InannaHouse.Org.

All My Best,

Friday, June 15, 2012

Crossing the Celebrity "Red Tape" Divide

Those of you who've read my previous post, "Taking the Initiative For Inanna House," would know that for the past few months I've literally exhausted myself in an attempt to raise funds for this amazing healing facility.
I feel so fortunate and proud that I was at least able to raise close to $1,000 for them, however, from this I've learned one very important lesson, and have also found myself asking one very important question.

I've always had this annoyingly stubborn notion that if you want to get something done, you have to do it yourself, but circumstances being as they are, health-wise at least, I'd liken the experience to being similar to that of a Cancer patient trying to fundraise for the American Cancer Society while undergoing Chemo. Kinda silly, no?

There is a very prudent and heartfelt reason for this kind of idiocy however, and it is this: Unlike The American Cancer Society, Chronic Lyme Disease Patients really don't have an Organization or Society to help them while they are sick, and they especially don't have these types of programs to raise money for those who can't afford treatment. 

This realization got me thinking (oh boy : ) about a simple question.

Would knowing the right people, those of influence in particular, help raise the kind of money needed to make Inanna House a reality?

This question has led me, Mara Williams, Celebrated Author of "Nature's Dirty Needle," and Katrina Makris, Late Stage Lyme Disease Survivor and bestselling Author of "Out of the Woods" form an idea for a different kind of fundraiser...
Indie Gogo is an amazingly successful on-line fundraising platform for various causes, and might just be exactly what is needed to get us to our $175,000 start-up goal. However, it is my understanding that the success of an endeavor like this is solely reliant on the "Perks" it gives to donators. And this is the area I need help in...

If there is anyone out there who has a contact, whether it be a famous celebrity, artist, musician, actor, sports player etc. who would be willing to participate in this fundraiser by either signing  autographs or memorabilia, donating signed by artist music cd's, or even donating products or a service as a "Perk" for a high paying contributor, please let me know - I would be SO grateful!!

I can be reached at:

Also, if anyone has any other ideas as a "Perk" for this campaign, I am definitely ALL ears : )

Thanks again,

PS: We can't begin the campaign until all "Perks" are noted and accounted for, so please let us know before July 1st.