25 Random Things About Me

1. I have a twin sister - she is my better half, and together we are an unstoppable force.

2. People, not places, are home to me - and, on purpose, I have only a select few of them.

3. I believe in fate, and a couple other esoteric things you would probably disagree with.

4. I've had a near-death experience at 22 that merits my beliefs.

5. I have monthly food obsessions that cannot be stopped. It's best for everyone to just let them play out. This month was (of all things) FIGS!

6. I am a great massage therapist. I am not a masseuse. Yes, you can have one, and NO - I will not give you a "happy ending"!!!!

7. I believe that there is a path to the higher self for everyone. Yoga is mine.

8. I'd prefer to look at the world through the comfort of a camera lens.

9. I would rather be standing in the middle of a forest, than in a city.

10. There is nothing more soothing to me than the scent of worn leather, fresh hay and sweet feed that greets me as I pass through the entrance of a stable.

11. The best memory I have is of galloping on an andalusian horse across a windy beach in Tarifa, Spain.

12. Ask anyone and they will tell you I am a Pisces, they know this because I have repeatedly told them and have gotten their astrological sign as well.

13. I was so in love once that everyday I would wake up and smile just knowing he was in my life, and all mine. I wish I could remember what that kind of happiness feels like.

14. I'm an impeccable judge of character, and it is almost impossible to lie to me. However - and quite ironically, I am extremely gullible.

15. I try to avoid confrontation as much as possible, but I once tackled a 200 pound black woman in a walmart parking lot for trying to steal my purse...I got it back.

16. I am looking forward to getting my first dog more than I am to getting married.

17. I'm not sure if I'll ever get married. I don't know how to feel about that.

18. I have lived in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Florida, and California, and all have left their mark on me.

19. I finally quit smoking last April and am surprised at how much I enjoy this whole "breathing" thing :)

20. I want to help play a part in the transistion to a "greener" world.

21. I am in a constant battle with Lyme Disease. Trust me folks, you do not want this.

22. 22 Is my lucky number.

23. The person I understand the least is my father...ironically I have been told I am very much like him.

24. Green, not blue, is my favorite color.

25. "What Dreams May Come" is my favorite movie, and - I know, you've never heard of it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Punkin just stopped by to reread page still adore it still send wishes of strength to you Merry Christmas Tracey Wagner sends her best wishes to you and your family love you all , and the best smell is as you enter a barn door or shake out a flake of hay sweeeetttt!!!! xo me

Sarah Lamando said...

I love you Mary Ann!! So glad you like the page, and (of course) the first step into a stable really IS the most comforting scent on earth...well, at least to me and you!! Lot and LOTS of love to you. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I'm also constantly battling lyme disease and I agree, you don't want it. And What dreams may come is also my favorite movie :)

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