Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Taste of the Lyme Controversy

I had mentioned that one of the intentions of this blog is to "help people who aren't affected by this disease understand what an extremely difficult climate it is to be in, and why so many people just aren't getting better", and tonight, the purpose of this post is to do just that. 
The "Under our Skin" documentary is a world-renowned, highly recognized and celebrated, award-winning, detailed account of the ongoing controversy regarding the treatment of Late-Stage Lyme Disease. 

If you have Lyme, stop reading - you already know about this documentary. If you don't, and want to understand why being a patient with this disease is such an extremely difficult, frustrating, and downright sickening environment to be caught in the middle of - watch the trailer and see for yourself...  

It took a LONG time for this documentary to become available to the public without having to go see it at theaters in remote areas. However, things have changed recently, and it is now readily available to watch (in its entirety) either online through several medias or by DVD rental. If you are interested in understanding more about the controversy, below is a list of places I know of where you can either rent, stream or purchase it:
  •  Rent it on iTunes for $2.99.
  • Netflix.com
  • Blockbuster.com
  • Amazon.com video on demand or for purchase.
  • Stream it for free at http://www.1channel.ch/ (Just type in "Under Our Skin" in the movie search bar.)
  •  www.underourskin.com (for purchasing DVD only)

Also, if you would prefer to read about it instead, I would highly recommend buying or borrowing a copy of "Cure Unknown" by Pamela Weintraub. 
Both are extremely informative and will tell you basically everything there is to know about living in the "World of Lyme". If after watching the documentary or reading the book, you find yourself feeling like a "Stranger in a Strange Land" then I can happily say that I did my job tonight : ) I do believe that the controversy that is literally embedded within this disease is a very important aspect to be aware of, but I would also like to forewarn you: you are about to enter treacherous waters... 

Try and tread carefully through it - maintain some kind of objectivity while watching or reading this material. Otherwise, I sadly fear it will induce nothing but anger and feelings of hopelessness for our community (which is NOT something I want to advocate or promote.) 

I only offer it to you as a reality you may not know exists, and as source of knowledge to create a foundation of understanding upon. 



Lizzie said...

Excellent suggestions. I've watched and read both. I do agree, it is critical to know the issues surrounding this disease to be able to be a proper advocate for your health. Wish we hadn't found out the hard way.

Sarah Lamando said...

Hi Lizzie : )
I know exactly how you feel, but hopefully with enough activism and awareness, future generations will NEVER have to know and experience the things we've gone through...right?
Lol - sometimes, knowing that it enough for me (but only on my really, REALLY good days : )
Thanks for commenting and best wishes,

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