Sunday, October 9, 2011

Present Status, Present "Conflict of Interest"

It seems there needs to be some "clearing up" over some of the things I've been writing about and adding to this blog...hopefully this post will do just that.

1. Regarding the resource and protocol links I've put up on the left side of the blog template: Thus far, I have purposely neglected to talk about my current condition and specify what Lyme protocol I am following to treat my own disease. There IS a reason for this! Mainly - it's because I KNOW that Lyme and its co-infections manifest differently in each person, and thus every "body" will heal differently, and often through various protocols... The purpose of the links are simply to show you OPTIONS, and, if you have Lyme, I sincerely hope that ONE of them will work for you.

*Note: If you know of any other resources or protocols that I've missed and have worked for you, please either e-mail me or leave a comment and let me know...Thanks : )

2. After reading Chapter 3, a lot of people have been asking me, "Sarah, how are you doing NOW??": Well, to be honest, I often tell people I'm OK (and if you look at a long enough time line - that answer is ironically true...), but I AM still disabled, still fighting, still struggling, and WILL (eventually) win... However, this illness, to say the least, has literally been the fight of my life!
It has taken EVERYTHING from me, in fact, I don't think there's one single part of my body, mind, spirit, lifestyle, bank account, daily activities, friendships and relationships that it HASN'T affected. There is one thing I CAN tell you FOR SURE though - when this whole thing is over, the experience of having gone through it will forever alter how I intend to live my "future" life in amazingly remarkable and unforeseen ways, and I am extremely thankful for that!!

3. My personal, "Conflict of Interest": You may have noticed that there's not a TON of advertising here (and there never will be!). Even with the links I have provided, I tried to find sites that DO NOT advertise. Why? Because after everything I've been through, I cannot help but be absolutely sickened by the fact that there are people out there who are, "perfectly fine" with the idea of exploiting and profiting off of such desperately sick individuals. (Trust me, I've gone through hell and back with this one!) If you would like to see the "story" behind this, please go to the following address (It's in the "comment" section): 

And herein lies, my "personal" conflict. You see, the financial burden of being chronically sick (particularly with Lyme Disease) is astronomical. Here's why:

  • All of the Lyme Specialists I've ever come across do not accept my insurance (medicaid), and their "visit and treatment" fees can range from anywhere between $400-$700 per visit.
  • It's extremely difficult to get on disability when you are chronically sick (especially with a VERY controversial disease) at such a young age. Presently, I am awaiting a MUCH needed approval (and have been doing so for months now) in this area.
  • Just because you HAVE disability does not mean all of your expenses can be covered. In 2009 I was awarded a then "closed" case (because I was on IV treatment and was able to start working temporarily again) that amounted to $625/month. Needless to say, that money went VERY quickly!
Because of these factors, I've had to compensate by practically selling everything I've ever owned to try and keep up with these expenses, and have also sold things relatives and friends have (graciously) given me, but even that time is coming to an end.'s pretty much the bottom line: The "Burden" of being sick has taken a HUGE financial toll on my family and loved ones, and the guilt I feel about that has caused me to completely abandon any sense of pride I may have had in the past about "asking" for help. SO - if you find that this site has been helpful to you, please consider taking five minutes to DONATE, and remember, in my eyes, no amount is ever too small! (well, lol - maybe $0.50...) On the flip side, however, please keep in mind that I actually DO NOT want LARGE donations! If you do this, I will be Forever trying to figure out ways of how I could possibly pay you back, and will probably lose sleep over it! 

Best Wishes and Many Thanks,

PS: A lot of people have been saying that they are "trying" to comment on the post/pages (whatever), but are finding it difficult to do...I agree! 
The easiest way to do so is just to comment as an "anonymous" user, then write the comment down, sign your name if you'd like me to know who you are (or not - your call), and click on the "post comment" button (don't press enter!). 
That really should solve ANY issues you may find...Thx : )

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