Thursday, March 8, 2012

Creating a Sacred Healing Space

Most lyme patients spend a LOT of time in bed. Because of this, I would say that one of the most important things you could possibly do is make your bedroom as much of a "healing space" as humanly possible. There are several simple adjustments you can do to make it so - here are a few suggestions. 
  • Stagnant energy is the very last thing that is wanted for any kind of "healing" to take place. Remove all clutter, throw away anything not needed...the idea is to create more space, not stuff it with "things".
  • Doorways are very important in relation to how you are facing them while you sleep. Make sure to align your bed so that you can both see, but not be in a direct line with your main bedroom doorway. Don't be afraid to "cut a corner" if you need to in order to have your bed facing the doorway at a diagonal. You can always hang plants, or buy an easel to place an inspirational painting or picture in that corner behind your bed if you decide to go this way.
  • Never place your bed directly under a window! This has a tendency to drain energy, which is the exact opposite of what you want.
  • As far as bed frames and blankets go. Never go "vertical". If you have a headboard or footboard on your frame with vertical rods in the design - get rid of it! The same goes for vertical patterns on comforters and blankets. Always go with horizontal or non-linear patterns otherwise.
  • Forget about beds that are 10 feet off the ground (lol). You are healing, you need to be grounded, soooo - get closer to it!
  • Colors for your bedroom are usually an individual preference. However, earth-toned colors, in my opinion, are the most healing and grounding. 
  • For those of you who have severe sensory overload issues or EMF sensitivities, one of the MOST valuable tool I've ever come across to help relieve this are Nikken Magnetic Products. I myself own a magnetic mattress pad, comforter, pillow and shoe insoles.  Due to the cost, it has taken me quite awhile to accrue these items, but I NEVER go anywhere without them! If I do - I immediately notice the difference. If you have any doubts about the therapeutic nature of Nikken Magnetic Technology, try buying a pair of shoe insoles first. If you don't immediately feel a comforting energetic barrier start to surround you, forget the rest : ) You can purchase these products at 

  • Moving past the bed itself... Buy Salt Tealight Candles or Lamps and light them often. Salt candles releases positive ions, cleanses the aura, the energy of a room, and provides a comforting luminescence while you sleep. (Click on image to purchase.)
  • Sage often with smudge sticks. This ancient Native American Art is palpable - you can literally feel the negative and/or stagnant energy from a room leaving when you do this. (Click on image to purchase.)

  • Remove as many EMF-producing producing products from your bedroom as possible. TV's, computer's, cellphones etc. If you can't remove them, at least unplug them while you are sleeping. EMF's produce negative ions, are shown to weaken the immune system and even cause depression...(hence - the salt candles : )
  • Create a "Vision Board" and hang it on a wall in your bedroom. A vision board should consist of images and words using any kind of medium that you can creatively think of to literally show you what you WANT in your life. If you're sick, obviously images of health and healing, energy, vibrance, freedom etc are thoughts that all should come to mind. Cut out pics in a magazine, or paint them on a canvas...or - do both!! Make it evoke an emotion that gives you the will to strive forward, even on your worst days. Look upon your vision board every day and know that this IS your future...
This is just an example...Be Creative!

    • Assign an area in your bedroom (different from your actual bed) where you can either make an altar or simply place a chair; a place where you can go to everyday and practice a healing art. Whether it be prayer, reiki, meditation, chanting, sitting with mudras or just listening to healing music, create a space that is ONLY reserved for when you are practicing this healing art. Let nobody else into this area. This is your space to heal. You'll notice with time that it will actually start to have a certain energy to it, a healing energy filled with the sum of every accumulated healing effort you have put into it. Eventually, just sitting in this space will be a healing experience.
    • Does anyone ever think about what they do when they first wake up in the morning? Lol - I know from experience that to most Lyme patients, this is the absolutely worst part of the day. (Aghhhh- I can't believe I have to get through another day of this!!! - type feeling, right?) Here's something that may help...Pick out a tiny prayer, saying, affirmation or mantra that suits you and immediately repeat it three times when you first wake up. Then, have a glass of purified water, a "green" vitamin powder, and a spoon within reach. The very first thing you should put into your body after your prayer is something nutrient dense, and a green drink fits the bill. After YEARS of trying nearly every kind of multivitamin supplement known to man, I can honestly say that absolutely nothing compares to Vitamineral Greens by Health Force. If you are interested in purchasing this amazing product click on the image below.
    Lastly, I know that you may need help in creating your healing space - don't be afraid to ask someone to help you set it up! 

    Note: A lot of the suggestions made here follow Feng Shui principles. If you would like to know more about this ancient art, I highly recommend reading the following book: (Click on image to purchase.)

    I sincerely hope you find at least some of these suggestions helpful and wish you all the best, with days filled with an abundance of love and healing.

    Sarah : )

    PS. I know that for a lot of us, leaving the house is often a challenge in itself, so if you are interested in purchasing the salt candles or lamps, tealights, Feng Shui book, sage, and vitamineral greens that are mentioned in this post all at once, I have added them to my "Amazon Store" (link on top corner of page) for your convenience. All of the products except for the vitamineral greens are in the "Sacred Spaces" section. The greens are under "Nutrients". Nothing like having healing stuff delivered right to your door : )

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